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Hall of Fame Records

Game Name Player Name Hall of Fame Score Date Scored Time Spent
10x10 Blocks Match 10x10 Blocks Match RK1Gaming 14,550 January 2 12m 42s
Adventure Moments Adventure Moments RK1Gaming 6,467 January 1 13m 19s
Among Us Crash Saga Among Us Crash Saga RK1Gaming 3,900 January 2 7m 38s
Ancient Memory Ancient Memory RK1Gaming 10,500 May 12 8m 11s
Animals Word Search Animals Word Search RK1Gaming 26,430 January 2 9m 55s
Awesome Breakout Awesome Breakout RK1Gaming 80,590 January 1 42m 4s
Basketball Dare Basketball Dare RK1Gaming 13,500 December 31, 2021 15m 30s
BlackJack Chain BlackJack Chain panda 55,500 January 10 6m 43s
Bright Ball Bright Ball RK1Gaming 1 January 1 21s
Bubble Raiders Bubble Raiders panda 77,500 January 10 1m 23s
Camping Crush Camping Crush panda 20,710 January 10 1m 23s
Candy Land Candy Land panda 550 January 10 1m 45s
Carrot Sweeper Carrot Sweeper RK1Gaming 1,111 January 1 33s
Catch The Thief Catch The Thief RK1Gaming 3,000 January 2 4m 28s
Color Tower Color Tower panda 17 January 10 1m 33s
Cubes Blast Saga Levelpack Cubes Blast Saga Levelpack RK1Gaming 45,280 January 2 4m 45s
Easter Pic Slider Easter Pic Slider RK1Gaming 61,860 January 2 31m 13s
Farm Girl Farm Girl RK1Gaming 7,665 January 1 19m 47s
Farm Rules Farm Rules panda 1,788 January 10 18m 25s
Get 12 Get 12 RK1Gaming 46 May 12 2m 28s
Green Market Green Market RK1Gaming 245,520 April 12 22m 48s
Halloween Word Search Halloween Word Search RK1Gaming 10,810 January 3 53m 11s
Hidden Remains Hidden Remains RK1Gaming 201,760 January 4 25m 3s
Jigsaw Jam - Recreation Jigsaw Jam - Recreation RK1Gaming 15,684 December 31, 2021 1h 14m 13s
Pick A Lock Pick A Lock RK1Gaming 2 January 12 30s
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