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The operation process of the high temperature glass reactor will not? look here! ! !

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The operation process of the high temperature glass reactor will not? look here! ! !

At present, glass reactors are widely publicized and used in the field of chemical instruments, and high-temperature glass reactors are also well known to the public under such a trend. Now let us understand how the experiments of glass reactors are carried out.

The high-temperature glass reactor is used more in the laboratory, and its use should be carried out in strict accordance with the correct operating procedures:

1. Before use, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the specifications provided on the machine nameplate.

2. Plug in the power plug, turn on the power switch on the inverter, and use the speed control knob to select the appropriate speed. The flow of the material and the power of the motor speed may resonate at a certain point. Please change the speed of the motor to avoid resonance.

3. After the stirring rod is installed, it must be rotated by hand, and pay attention to whether the concentricity is good. If the concentricity is not good, loosen the re-clamp, turn on the power after the clamp is correct, and adjust gradually from slow to fast.

4. Using the stirring rod regulator, the stirring leaves can be moved up and down 5cm as needed.

5. If the sealing performance of the kettle is found to be degraded, please check the rotating bearing in the agitator sleeve.

6. The glass instruments of this reaction device are all made of GG.17 low-expansion coefficient high-temperature resistant borosilicate glass. Users can prepare glass instruments such as reaction bottles. Please confirm the quasi-glass material to ensure safe use.

7. The interlayer on the high-temperature glass reactor is connected to an external circulation port. The hot oil can be used for heating reaction, and the cooling liquid can be used for low-temperature reaction. If it is heated by steam, it should not exceed 0.5K-1K. (Try not to use pressure steam for heating).

8. When the test is carried out at low temperature, the discharge valve at the bottom will be frosted. When using the valve, it must be partially thawed to prevent the glass from being broken.

9. If there are particulate objects in the solution during use, there may be leftovers on the PTFE piston of the valve when discharging, and the air tightness will be affected when it is used again. Be sure to clean it after each discharge and use it again. .


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